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At 5 Brothers we are committed to placing the customers’ satisfaction as our number one priority. We have over 20 years of experience with full home renovations and home remodeling including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, outdoor living space transformations, garage additions and so much more. Part of what makes us successful is our focus on details.

We know that tile work goes beyond just laying tile correctly, to ensuring the customer is aware of the choices in size and material and the effect of laying tile down in different patterns.

We know that a step in a home addition is fastening the hardwood flooring correctly to the prepared subfloor. We go beyond this to provide the information to our customers of the different types of wood flooring and their respective pros and cons.

We know that windows and doors must be level and plumb and sealed correctly. But, we also know that a homeowner should live in an energy efficient home and we provide the best energy savings for years to come based off the windows and doors selected.

These examples demonstrate our commitment to a job well done. We welcome the questions, concerns and opinions of every customer and want the customer to feel confident in the process of a home remodeling involving tile work, hardwood flooring installation, windows and doors replacement or any other facet of a full home renovation or partial home renovation.

Contact us today at 5 Brothers for a free estimate knowing that every detail will be covered.

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